Pollo Asado - words and music by Ween
**from the album "The Pod"

the only two chords in this song are B and C#m...at least i'm pretty
sure its C#m...it could be E..and he just does riffs off of those chords
every once in a while

Pollo Asado - by Ween

B main riff: (i think he uses a whammie bar also)

C#m riff
D----9--------9--9----9---------- ect, ect,ect

thats about as simple as i can make it...it looks a lot more complicated
than it is..its just that the song has a lot of words in it
i'm figuring you all can figure out the fill-ins...or make your own up

B (fill-in)
Come on, it's a beautiful night for a walk on the beach, wouldn't you
Yes, I would say that, I would say that.

B riff
Let me start of with a basket of chips.
Then move on to the pollo assado taco.
I would like two pollo assado tacos with one beef chimichanga.
On the chimichanga, I would like a side of sour cream.
I would like tomatoes and onions on my casadia.
For the dessert I would like the (???). I would like extra cinnamon.

C#m riff
Do you make guacamole?
Yes, I do make guacamole.
Uh, I would like a side of guacamole on my Tostitos.

B riff
I like to dip the Tositos in the guacamole.
Can I get a basket, I told you about a basket of chips.
I would like a large iced-tea, 2, uh, 2 large iced-teas.
Ok, that'll be $16.07.
Out of $20? Ok, $16.07's your change.
Hi, can I help you?

C#m riff
I would like a basket of chips,
a beef chimichanga with a side of sour cream.

(more fill-in)
I would like some guacamole on my chimichanga
with a casadia of tomato, onion, and vegetables.
I should like a burrito with beef, beans, and
I would like a carne assado taco.

B riff
Could you put some hot sauce on that for me?
No, inside the taco. Not on the side.
Yes, can I have a carne assado taco?
Not a pollo assado, we don't have chicken.

C#m riff
Do you have guacamole?
Can you make me some guacamole?
I have guacamole.
Ok, on my burrito I would like the muchaco beef and the shredded pork.

(fill-in that leads up to the next highest B to make it more high
And some more cheese, please.
higher B riff
Ok, that'll be $22...
Uh, oh yes, I would like two lemonades and one medium iced-tea.
Ok, that'll be $20.07.
Out of $22? Ok, $1.52's your change.

B riff again
Thanks a lot. Your food will be up. Here, let me get your drinks.
Hi, can I help you? Yes, I would like a basket of chips
I would like a beef chimi...
Umm, what is, what is the, what is the, what is the pollo assado?
That's the chicken.
Ok, what is the carne assado?
That's the beef.
Ok, let me get two carne assado tacos...

***Bass Tab***by Geoff

Pollo Asado

w 2x h e s s e s s 4x Q s s e e q Q s
Intro ----- Verse

s e s s e e 7x h s s e s s e E e s s e s s e Q e s

s e s s e Q s s e s s e e 8x h s s e s s e E e s
Verse Chorus

s e s s e 2x Q s s e s s e e 3x H e s s Q s s e
Bridge ----- Verse

s s e e 7x Q s s e s s e e h s s e s s e E s s s

s e s s e 2x w Q s s e s s e e 3x w w w 2x s
s H e w H s s s s 2x q s s s s s s s s s s s Q
----- -----------

s s s s s s s s s s Q s s s s s s s E 3x

**Tabbed by mhwkjones
Awesome Sound - Ween Guitar tabs (www.vaxxine.com/mtbhl/ween.htm)