Piledriver - words and music by Ween and The Boredoms
**From the Album 'Z Rock Hawaii'

Piledriver - by Ween

A G Gb F walk up-->:F G Gb A
i'm sweatin' baphalony and i'm feelin alright
A G Gb F walk down-->:C Cb B
i'm lookin for some pussy on a saturday nite
yea my girls face is beat but her pussy is tight,
and i gotta git it on but iit just ain't right

i gotta bag of cocaine and a bottle of jack
i gotta lick of speed and a bag of crack
well i' got it fired up and its loaded the brass
and i gotta git somein' that'll kick my ass

i need a piledriver, gotta git me some
i need a piledriver, gonna make me cum
i need a piledriver, gonna drive my pile
indeed a piledrivers gonna make it all worth while

make wierd noise

walk up the fretboard as one sees fit and replay chorus
with various guitar kickass as a solo

**Tabbed by Mathew
Awesome Sound - Ween Guitar tabs (www.vaxxine.com/mtbhl/ween.htm)