OLD QUEEN COLE - words and music by Ween
from the album "God wEEn Satan - The Oneness"

Thanks to Beanween for sending this in. It's just E and F.

Old Queen Cole - By Ween

Old Queen Cole gotsta take control
You drinkin' whiskey and wine and it tastes just fine
4 U now Nicki life is gettin' tricky
And you're runnin' outta gas drivin' way too fast

Full throttle in gear tryin' hard to steer
You towards immaculate conception heavy metal perception
There's a world that's all around u and no one will ever find u
And for u that's OK, cuz tomorrow's just another day

(pick slide down the low E string for this verse)
Rock roll butter bread remember what yo' mama said
Hey it's jes yo life why don't u find the biggest knife
U can find now baby yeah ya you actin' like a lady
You got blood on your pants and I know that you can dance

Nicole Queen Cole (repeat verse twice)

**Tabbed by Jerm and Todd
Awesome Sound - Ween Guitar tabs (www.vaxxine.com/mtbhl/ween.htm)